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Activities of the project:

• Resource inventory and stakeholder identification
• Road map for adventure tourism development
• Conference on responsible tourism development and adventure travel
• Product development seminar
• Event management and marketing seminar
• Orienteering competition
• Competition web-site and mobile application
• Purchase of equipment
• Adventure tourism catalogue
• Film for adventure tourism on Stara Planina/Western Balkans



Whether it is a balloon ride, hiking, photo safari, mountain biking, fishing on clear streams or any other type of enjoyment in nature and an active holiday, it should be known that this is an ideal way to learn about nature and its importance. The combination of sport and nature in any form will “fill” your battery for new work victories as well as everyday life that we are all surrounded with. The local cuisine, untouched nature, diverse and rich vegetation and animal life will complete the get away from the modern way of life, the noise and the habits we have gained in quick lifestyles and will awaken the desire to try out some other category of adventure tourism and bring you back into the heart of untouched parts of nature.And we would like to be your host.